Salt & Light

Engage locally

Jesus called all Christians to be salt and light in the world. We are intentional about this at City Life Church and encourage our members and City Life Groups to serve as sacrificially as Christ served. Our Salt and Light Ministry will be the vehicle for coordinating CLC Acts so that we honor God by being Socially Responsible here in Houston.

Exchainge - Human trafficking ministry

ExChainge exists to end the sexual exploitation of men and women in Houston through the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We currently do so by empowering believers to join the fight against human trafficking in the following ways: educational van tours that provide a detailed outlook on the landscape of human trafficking in Houston and monthly outreaches to men and women involved in the trade. 

For more information on when you can volunteer at the next CLC Acts, please contact at Holly at

Hurricane Harvey Relief work

We have joined an outstanding organization in Houston called SBP (Saint Bernard Parish) in a joint effort to bring hope and a home to those home owners affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

We will be doing a variety of rebuilding projects that SBP has organized for us one Saturday a month. Any and all skill set are welcome. If you have any construction skills that is a plus, but if not, they have people there to teach you and help. If you would like to volunteer with them more often than that you are more than welcome to. 

Click on the link below to register with SBP for this month's CLC Acts. Registration will be closed on Wednesday, February 21st, by 5:00 pm. Please make any and all effort to help us in this great endeavor to be Socially Responsible for the name and love of Jesus. 

Click here to register as a volunteer for the February CLC Acts.