Affinity Groups are designed to create space for relationships in a non-confrontational and fun way. The idea behind AGs is, "Do what you love to do, and invite others to join." We value shared experiences through shared interest.

There are 17 groups meeting around the city of Houston from April through July. Groups meet weekly, every other week, or once a month. Some groups last for 4-8 weeks, and some last through July. You will need to speak with the group contact to get the specifics on the group that you are interested in attending. There are also a couple of groups that require consistent attendance and some that do not. Some groups meet at the same location every meeting, and some travel around to various locations. There are some groups that require you to buy material for that group, but before that turns you away please speak with the contact person and see if they offer any financial assistance. Finally, childcare is different for each group as well. The take away here is this: each group has little subtle differences that you will need to communicate with that group to discover what all of those nuanced details are.

We know that it can be hard to meet new people in such a large city and hope that you find not only a place to belong with other people, but  also that Jesus is the most satisfying reason for living, the most stable ground to place your identity on, and the most fertile soil for your truest hopes and dreams to grow into reality.

2019 Spring & Summer Affinity Groups

  • Health hackers

    This group is designed to build community around helping one another achieve wellness through developing consistent spiritual and health disciplines.

    Leader: Emmanuel & Chidi Enwere

    Location: Medical center

    Day & Time: Starts on April 23rd - Every other Tuesday @ 6:30 pm 

    Contact: Emmanuel -

  • Unhinged

    Unhinged is more than a prayer meeting, it is a time we gather to experience the power of God and see Him move in and through all areas of our lives.

    Leader: Aisha Darwesh

    Location: City Life Church

    Day & Time: Starts on April 24th - Every other Wednesday @ 7pm 

    Contact: Aisha at 832-704-4992

  • run club

    A Weekly Running Group that runs routes in Central Houston. All paces welcome. Come out and join us for weekly runs this semester, and not only get your physical body in shape, but your spiritual body too.

    Leader: Heather Mattingly & Beth Flatley

    Location: Buffalo Bayou & Allen Parkway

    Day & Time: Starts on April 24th - Every Wednesday @ 6:30 pm 

    Contact: Beth Flatley at

  • Grill & chill

    Come enjoy dinner and discussion as we focus on how to be Christians who are Ready, Equipped, and Willing to share our faith.

    Leaders: Jennifer Green & Tim McBreen

    Location: Spring Branch (610 West and I-10)

    Day & Time: Starts on April 24th - Every Wednesday @ 6:30 pm 

    Contact: Jennifer - 308-440-3981

  • Meaning of marriage

    For married and single adults who want to know more about God's design for marriage. 

    Leaders: Scott & Natalie Dawley

    Location: Galleria

    Day & Time: Starts on May 2nd - Every Thursday @ 6:30 pm 

    Contact: Natalie -

  • City youth

    CLC Youth ministry is officially starting up with this amazing opportunity to gather your friends for a good time doing multiple social activities just for teenagers!

    Leader: Sean McCoy

    Location: Different locations throughout Houston

    Day & Time: Starts on May 3rd - Every other Friday @ 6 pm 

    Contact: Sean - 615-364-8134

  • Beta

    Beta is a fun, friendly, potluck dinner and discussion group for international students and their friends which focuses on answering life questions together. 

    Leader: George & Heena Chow

    Location: Montrose

    Day & Time: Starts on April 26th - Every Friday @ 7:30 pm 

    Contact: George - 614-226-5632

  • weekend at hogwarts

    Haven't seen Harry Potter yet? Seen it a million times? All are welcome as we journey through this story and draw connections to the most amazing story of the true and greater Harry Potter, the real chosen one, Jesus!

    Leader: Kiesha Williams & Natasha Azor

    Location: City Life Church

    Day & Time: Starts on May 10th - Meets twice a month on Fridays @ 7 pm 

    Contact: Kiesha -

  • Hope & Healthcare

    A community for healthcare professionals and students to discuss issues related to spirituality and the medical field. Open to all people working in healthcare: physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, etc.

    Leader: Patrick Thomas & Venessa Pinto

    Location: Sugarland (Sometimes in the Heights)

    Day & Time: Starts on April 24th - Every other Saturday @ 4 pm 

    Contact: Patrick -

  • Sports complex

    We will gather at different locations throughout Houston to play different sports. If you want to learn how to play, or if you just love to play, come and join us.

    Leader: Terrence Chatmon, Chad McGraw and Tim Ward

    Location: Location will vary each meeting

    Day & Time: Starts on May 4th - Every other Saturday @ 1 pm 

    Contact: Chad - 720-936-3680

  • global gastronomy

    Goal for this group is to experience different foods from across the globe as well as make some new friends in the process. If you love food and are looking for something new come and join us!

    Leader: Ronnie & Jeena Mathew

    Location: 290 and 610

    Day & Time: Starts on April 27th - Every three weeks on Saturday @ 11am 

    Contact: Jeena - 713-582-8661

  • marks men

    This is a men only group that will be moving through the book "The five marks of a man."

    Leader: Victor Hernandez & Ji Yun

    Location: Locations will vary

    Day & Time: Starts on May 4th - Every other Saturday  @ 5 pm 

    Contact: Victor - 281-716-7566

  • good news Bible study

    Come discover the Good News as we journey through one of the Bible's most challenging and exciting books, 1 Peter.

    Leader: Duncan McFarland & Margaret Kazibwe

    Location: Medical Center

    Day & Time: Starts on April 28th - Every Sunday @ 6 pm 

    Contact: Margaret - 832-428-0301

  • BBB- Beer, Bros, & Brains

    This is a men only group that will meet at a brewery and discuss the rational side of the Christian faith. If you love good intellectual conversation and beer please join us.

    Leader: Jarrod Baxter

    Location: North downtown

    Day & Time: Starts on April 28th - Every Sunday @ 5:30 pm 

    Contact: Jarrod - 281-382-3450

  • Financial Peace

    Never worry about money again! FPU will help you take control of your money, plan for your future, and transform your life.

    Leader: Brad & Molly Bolte and Bolaji & LaResha Jola-isiba

    Location: City Life Church

    Day & Time: Starts on April 28th - Every Sunday @ 3 pm 

    Contact: Molly - 972-762-3595

  • Adulting 101

    This group is here to create a space for young adults to get to know one another and hopefully get some insight on how to manage adulthood.

    Leader: Chiniqua Washington & Jasmine Gershanov

    Location: Med Center

    Day & Time: Starts on April 28th - Every other Sunday @ 3 pm 

    Contact: Chiniqua - 757-617-9295

  • The Collective

    Artists of all disciplines gathering together to share, encourage, and inspire. No experience needed just desire.

    Leaders: Shani Bell & Crystal Rae Wiley

    Location: Church building - Med center

    Day & Time: Starts on May 5th - Meets once a month on Sundays @ 3 pm 

    Contact: Shani -

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