City Life Groups (CLGs) are essential to building community and family. As personal as we try to make a Sunday morning, we cannot recreate the intimacy of laughing, discussing the Word, crying, praying, and growing with others in the comfort of someone's living room over coffee. 

True life and growth happens in this environment, and family is found. City Life Groups meet weekly in locations all around the Houston area. 

All of our City Life Groups will be following our Sunday sermon series.

That means that all the groups are the same when it comes to content and flow of the group meetings. So find the one closest to you and contact the leader to let them know you want to come to their group. It's that easy!

We designed CLGs as a place where all who attend will have a community where they can belong, grow, and serve. Our goal is that as you attend you become more Christ centered, Spirit empowered, and socially responsible.