We Love City Kids

Here at City Life Church, children are of the utmost importance to us because we know they are a gift from God (Psalm 127:3). We also know that raising a family in a big city is daunting to say the least. Add to that the crazy culture that is constantly fighting for our children’s affections, hearts, and minds through media and every other avenue possible, we as parents can find ourselves overwhelmed. And that’s why we’re here to help. 

There is no greater privilege and honor than partnering with you as parents (Eph 6:4, Prov 22:6) to raise up a generation of Jesus loving, overcoming, confident, equipped believers that will change the world as we know it. In keeping with our mission, we desire to connect children to God and who He is, grow them in a relationship with their Creator by providing an environment where they are taught His Word, and raise them up to lead and be world changers by sowing biblical truths and Godly purpose in their hearts at a young age.

We work hard to ensure that City KIDS is a safe, clean, fun environment where we can execute all of the above and your children have a good time while doing it. We obtain a background check on all volunteers and have at least two adults with the children at all times.


City KIDS uses a check-in system where they will receive a number, you will get a copy, and you will present that number when you come to get your kids after service is over. You can also share any important information (food allergies, etc) into the system when you register. If there should be any reason to contact you during service, your number will be flashed on the screen in the auditorium so you will know to come back to the children's area.


Babies from the age of 2 months to 24 months will have a safe, loving, and nurturing environment where they will enjoy toys, lots of baby jibberish and fun with other babies, and being played with and loved on through the constant care of our nursery volunteers. 


Children ages 2 through 12 years of age will be taught age appropriate, multi-media curriculum where they will learn about who God is and how He works in the world. This also includes exciting activities, snacks, scripture memory, crafts, lively music, and probably a little silliness! 

Come Serve With Us!

If you are interested in joining this crucial group of volunteers for the opportunity to sow/pour into these amazing little guys, click here