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At City Life Church, we talk a lot about being a quitter. If you are familiar with our culture you know that to be a quitter means to quit trusting in your good or bad deeds to save you and to instead rest in the finished work of Christ. Our salvation begins at the point of quitting, not striving. Understanding this is vital to our relationship with God, however, we often do not know where to go from there. We have found that many people ask the question: How and where do you start when opening the scripture? The depth of your relationship with God hinges on your understanding of Christ and His Word. We want to help you get started and continue in your understanding of the scripture.

One definition for a starter is a device for starting an internal-combustion engine, usually consisting of a powerful electric motor that engages with the flywheel. That's a great picture for what we are trying to accomplish. We want this to be a tool for you to explode life into your Bible study and help you become versed and excited about the word of God.

That's what being a starter is all about. 

Below you will find a daily Bible study that will help you go beyond Sunday in your daily reading and understanding of the scriptures as well as helpful commentary and resources for further study from our contributors at CLC. The Scripture passages are carefully chosen to help you in: Spiritual Discipline, Daily Devotions, and the Sunday Sermon. 

Here is how it works:

1. The Word: Bible passages

Each day, you will read Bible passages chosen by one of our contributors. All the selected verses are designed to help you reflect on Sunday sermon and deepen your understanding of the topic. We encourage you to read the passage slowly and try to remember that will lead to reflection.  

2. Study Questions

Questions are to help you reflect on the Bible passages you have read that will help you go beyond reading. The goal is to meditate upon the Scripture & reflect upon it throughout the day.  

3. Contributor’s Commentary

This is a supplementary section where you will find further information on the verses you read. We plan to share our thoughts in this section, from Scriptural context to applications.